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CCTC Europe


General information


  • CCT Europe GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of China Circuit Technology (Shantou) Corporation

  • Equity over € 2.5 million in 2019

  • Provisions in 2019 of more than € 2.5 million

  • Extended product liability insurance with a coverage sum of € 10 million per claim worldwide

  • D&B score of 99 points rating 1A 1

  • Bisnode credit index 1.7

  • Financing of the new building in 2018 from own funds

  • Achieved profits remain in the GmbH

  • EIPC & Nezumed partner

Umsatz 09-19

Turnover CCTC Europe in 1.000.000 € from 2009-2019

The history of CCTC (Europe):


CCTC Europe is a 100% subsidiary of the Chinese CCTC in Shantou and was founded on November 26th, 1999. Our company advises all European and potential clients.
This also includes extensive technological advice down to the last detail of all circuit board technologies.


The share of sales of the European GmbH, measured by the sales of the CCTC Corporation Shantou, will reach the 20% mark in 2020 with continuous growth.
For our logistics, consignment stocks and Kanban systems are just as natural as the punctual processing of individual and express production orders.


The company and employees’ experience of many years with a wide variety of industrial sectors, such as the computer, automotive supplier, industrial automation, medical technology, aerospace industries, as well as the EMS companies, are the guarantee for our flexibility. From the acquisition, through the initial request, enquiries about specifications, offers, order processing to quality issues, you get everything from one source and directly on site.


Processing through regional banks is just as natural as the underwriting need for product liability under European law.

The printed circuit boards are directly shipped to the customer with all necessary and original documents such as test reports etc. depending on the appointment by air or sea freight according to the agreed delivery date. Additional checks in Europe prior to delivery to the customer are not performed because they are indeed unnecessary. For a "just in time" production, this would not be realizable.


  • Foundation of the GmbH on November 9th, 1999 in cooperation with CCTC Shantou

  • Sales in the first year € 6,226,492 with 2 employees

  • Part of the Electronica in Munich since 2010

  • 2011 Relocation to new office in Nuremberg

  • 2018 move to own office in Erlangen

  • 2018 Sales Office opens in Mexico

  • 2019 ISO 9001 certification of the German GmbH

  • Sales forecast 2020 € 35 million with 9 employees

CCTC Shantou

China Circuit Technology (Shantou) Corporation

General information


  • Leading PCB manufacturer in China

  • 34 years of experience in series production

  • One of the state-sponsored high-tech companies in China

  • Annual capacity 1,300,000 m²

  • Specialized in high-precision circuit boards with high density and high reliability

  • Express service production 8-16 days on serial line

  • State quality award winner in the PCB industry in China

  • Number of employees: 3589

  • Revenue in 2019: approximately $ 380 million

  • One of the TOP 50 PCB suppliers worldwide

Umsatz CCTC China 09-19

Turnover CCTC China in 1.000.000 $ from 2009-2019

The history of CCTC (Shantou):


China Circuit Technology (Shantou) Corporation has been a joint venture of Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd. since 1985. and Shanhua Development Co., Ltd., Hong Kong. The specialization takes place in the 2 to 28-layer and HDI printed circuit boards sector with high precision, density and reliability.


CCTC products are particularly appreciated and mounted in the product areas of telecommunications, computer and consumer electronics, the automotive industry and industrial automation. HDI printed circuit boards make up to 50% of the sales volume. CCTC's clients manufacture all over the world. Especially in the USA, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. CCTC possesses a complete set of modern PCB equipment, the most advanced technologies in China, state of the art management instruments as well as worldwide sales networks.


CCTC belongs to "China's large-scale industrial Enterprises" and is represented in the ranking of the top 100 companies of printed circuit board manufacturers. The company received further honors for "outstanding export performance" and "outstanding investment performance". The company has already won the first prize in China's "PCB Quality Competition" twice. It also chairs China's Printed Circuit Association.


Many famous people and presidents of China have already visited CCTC and praised the excellent work.


  • 1985 Foundation of the company with an annual production capacity of 22,000 m².

  • 1986 Acquisition of the UL certificate & IPC member.

  • 1986 products achieve IPC and IEC standards.

  • 1989 Annual capacity of 70,000 m² for double-sided and multilayer circuit boards achieved thru Company expansion.

  • 1995 Total capacity of 120,000 m² achieved with constant annual growth.

  • 1996 Annual capacity reaches 240,000 m².

  • 1997 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  • 1998 Purchase of the prototype plant in Sichuan province.

  • 1999 Annual capacity of 510,000 m² reached.

  • 1999 Acquisition of the Huafeng PCB plant in Shenzhen.

  • 1999 ISO14001 & QS9000 qualification.

  • 2000 Acquisition of Huafeng Plant in Shenzhen

  • 2003 Launch of Plant II operations with an annual production capacity of 200,000 m².

  • 2003 Total capacity reached 800,000 m².

  • 2005 Total capacity reached 1,000,000 m².

  • 2005 20th anniversary.

  • 2005 Capacity of Plant II reached 400,000 m² through expansion

  • 2005 Total capacity reached 1,000,000 m²

  • 2006 ISO / TS16949: 2002 qualification achieved

  • 2006 Total capacity reached 1,080,000 m² through company expansion

  • 2007 Adjusted product mix, expanded the capacity of high-layer-count PCBs
      and high-end HDI products

  • 2008 Award for Excellent Enterprise of Clean Production in Guangdong Province

  • 2010 25th anniversary.

  • 2011 total capacity reached 1,200,000 m²

  • 2016 EN ISO 13485: 2012 Certification

  • 2017 The renovation and expansion project put into operation successfully, total capacity reaches 1,300,000 m²

  • 2018 The transition audit of the IATF16949: 2016 certification has been completed.

  • 2021 Plant III goes into operation



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