The region: Guangdong

Guangdong (also called Canton) is a province of southern China. The name of the province comes from the settlers’ times and means « Far East ». Guangdong was in these times the farthest inhabited province towards the east of China. The name of « Canton » is often used to designate the capital city Guangzhou, however refers correctly to the entire province with over 177.900 km² surface area and 95.440.000 inhabitants (in 2008) and with a GDP of 3.570.000.000.000 US $ (3.57 trillion US $).

The most industrialized province of China is hence half the size of, for example, Germany and achieves a nearly equal GDP (Germany 3,67 billion US $).

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The city: Shantou

Skyline von Shantou Shantou Airport Shantou Hotel

Shantou is the prefecture city of the Guangdong province and is situated at around two and a half hours flight from Beijing. Shantou lies on the southern China sea coast, near the boarder to the Fujian province. From Europe, Shantou is accessible by connecting flights through Beijing, Hong Kong or Canton (Guangzhou). Shantou is one of the most important harbour and industrial cities of southern China. It was one of the first regions of China to be declared special economic zone of the country.

The city consists of 8 subdivisions, each with a size of over 100 km². Chaoyang is with its 667 km² the largest district and counts over 1.400.000 inhabitants. The entire city has a surface area of 2064 km², counts 4.850.000 inhabitants which represents more people than, for example, Berlin and Munich together. Shantou climate is, with an average temperature of 21,3 degrees Celsius, from subtropical to maritime.

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Here how to travel to Shantou:

From Europe, a stop over in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton or Hong Kong is necessary with connection to Shantou. The shortest journey goes through Beijing with a 12 hour flight.


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