China Circuit Technology (Shantou) Corporation

China Circuit Technology (Shantou) Corporation is a joint venture of Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd. and Shanhua Development Co., Ltd., Hong Kong since 1985. The specialisation takes place in the 2 to 28 layer printed circuits sector and in the High Density Interconnect (HDI) circuits with high precision, density and reliability.

CCTC (Shantou)

CCTC products are particularly appreciated and mounted in the sectors of the telecommunication, in computer and consumer electronics, in the automotive industry and in automation. HDI circuits represent 50% of the total revenue. CCTC clients manufacture all over the world, especially in the United States, in Germany, in Japan, in Singapore and in Hong Kong. CCTC possesses a complete set of modern PCB equipment, the most advanced technology in China, state of the art management instruments as well as worldwide sales networks.

CCTC belongs to China’s large-scale industrial enterprises. The company was in addition rewarded for its "exceptional performances in exportation" as well as for its "outstanding investment power". The firm was twice granted the first prize at the Chinese « PCB-Quality Competition ». Besides, CCTC holds the presidency at China’s Printed Circuit Association.

CCTC (Shantou)

Many renowned personalities and politicians of the Chinese Communist Party have already visited CCTC and have praised the company for its outstanding work. Among them: Jiang Zemin, Li Changchun, Yang Shangkun, Li Peng, Qiao Shi, Li Ruihuan, Song Ping, Li Lanqing, Ding Guangen, Tian Jiyun, Xie Fei, Ma Wanqi, Wang Hangbing, Zhang Zhen, Wang Guangying, Lei Jieqiong, Li Ximing, Ye Xuanpin, Song Jian and Chen Zuolin.

History of CCTC (Shantou): from 1985 until now

  • 1985 Foundation of the company with a yearly production capacity of 22.000 m².
  • 1986 Acquisition of the UL certificate of Underwriters Laboratories & IPC member.
  • 1986 Products reach IPC and IEC standards.
  • 1989 Yearly capacity of 70.000 m² for double and multilayer circuits reached thru company expansion.
  • 1995 Total capacity of 120.000 m² reached thanks to a constant yearly growth rate.
  • 1996 Yearly capacity of 240.000 m² reached.
  • 1997 Listing at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • 1998 Purchase of the prototype plant in the Sichuan province.
  • 1999 Yearly capacity of 510.000 m² reached.
  • 1999 Purchase of the PCB plant of Huafeng in Shenzhen.
  • 1999 ISO14001 & QS9000 qualification achieved.
  • 2003 Launch of Plant II operations with a yearly production capacity of 200.000 m².
  • 2003 Total capacity of 800.000 m² reached.
  • 2005 20th anniversary.
  • 2005 Capacity of 400.000 m² reached at Plant II through expansion.
  • 2005 Total capacity of 1.000.000 m² reached.
  • 2006 ISO/TS16949:2002 qualification achieved.
  • 2006 Total capacity of 1.080.000 m² reached through company expansion.
  • 2007 Product portfolio improvement with the addition of production capacity for High-Multi-Layer & Multiple Build-Up circuits.
  • 2008 Award granted for the most ecological and for the cleanest production in the province of Guangdong.


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