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CCTC Europe CCTC Europe is a subsidiary of the Chinese CCTC in Shantou and was founded on 26.11.1999. It provides consulting services to all potential European clients. It also offers complete consulting services in printed circuit technologies.

The total volume of CCTC Corporation Shantou for Europe will reach the 20% mark in 2010 with a continuous growth. For our logistics, consignment stocks and Kanban systems are as natural as the processing of individual and express production orders.

The company and employees’ experience of many years with diverse industry sectors like the computer, automobile, automation, medical technology, aerospace industries and with providers of manufacturing solutions for electronics products are the guarantee for our flexibility. From the acquisition to the quality insurance, through the initial request, the enquiries about the specifications, the quotes and the order processing, you obtain everything from one source.

The processing through the banks of the European Union is as natural as the need for the product liability insurance according to the European Union law.

The printed boards are shipped with all necessary and original documents like test reports etc... directly to the customer, by air or sea freight according to the agreed delivery date. Additional controls before delivery to the customer in Europe (as operated by many competing trading partners) are not performed because they are indeed unnecessary. For a "just in time" production, this would not be realizable.

CCTC Europe GmbH recently moved to Erlangen.

We are very happy for your visit!

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  • We have moved
    Recently, the CCTC Europe GmbH moved to a new office at Erlangen.

    We look forward to your visit!

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